Welcome to St. John's Lutheran Church.  If you are in need of a church home, we hope you have found it here with us at St. John's.
Missouri Synod- LCMS


REFORMATION - Five Hundred Years 1517-2017
​October 29th 
​Join us 10:15am for our Reformation-Friendship Worship Service and at 11:15am for the Fellowship Meal.

​All are Welcome!

Don't forget that we offer Meals on Wheels for our congregation!  If you have been ill or hosptialized and just can't do everything yet. Let us make dinner for you!  Please call the Church office for more information. 

ALTAR GUILD HELP IS NEEDED! - Ladies the altar guild volunteer sheet is up on the bulletin board.  Please sign up If you are able to help.  Thank you!

Rome Sullivan Food Pantry- Please donate food items for families in need. Every item helps. The food pantry box is located in the narthex. Thank you!

We now have a Facebook page:
​St. John's Lutheran Church LCMS Sullivan, WI

  1. Food Pantry
    All Year
    Please feel free to donate to our Sullivan/ Rome food pantry. There is a box in the Church Narthex. Please donate any none perishable food items. It is greatly appreciated
  2. Trim Healthy Meeting
    We meet 6-:00pm in the fellowship hall.
  3. Sunday Morning Bible Study
    Join us at 9:15am- All are Welcome!
  4. Thursday Evening Bible Study
    Join us at 6pm- Thursday's
  5. Reformation Worship and Meal
    500 years 1517 - 2017 10:15 AM Worship 11:15 AM Meal
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If you have someone in need of prayers, please call the church office to initiate the prayer chain 262-593-8630