And God said, "For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and unite with his wife, and the two will become one." So they are no longer two, but one.
Marriage is God's idea.  Marriage has the potential to be one of most beautiful reflections of God's intent for his creation. Both you and your marriage are God's sacred and holy creations.
The ceremony that will mark the public affirmation of the gift of marriage that God is giving you needs to reflect and celebrate God's intentions and God's love. Following are guidelines established by our Church council to assist you in planning for this very special celebration.  
Couples are expected to worship here prior to meeting with the pastor.  Wedding must be arranged with the pastor at least  ----- months in advance. Your wedding date will be set at the time you meet with the pastor.
The pastor of the congregation will officiate at all weddings.  If the family desires another clergy person to conduct or participate in the ceremony, the requests should be made to the pastor.  It is prerogative of the pastor to extend an invitation to other clery to assist at the wedding.
Lay persons are encouraged to assist in the wedding ceremony by reading lessons, signing or ushering.
A minimum of ----- counseling sessions with the pastor is required prior to wedding.
Plans for decorations & flowers to be used in the church should be discussed.  Remember, less is more!  While aisle runner, bows for the ends of the pews, and lots of flowers may be used to add to the festivity of the day, they are not necessary.
The wedding cermony service of worship of the God who gives the gift of marriage.  Music for this special worship service should be chosen carefully and discussed with the pastor and organist.  The organist of the church will normally play at all wedding services held in the church.  A request for a different organist must be made to the pastor and agreed upon with the church organist.
The church organist has expertise to help the couple choose joyful and suitable music for their special day.
Soloists are encouraged and are the choice of the bridal couple.  Soloists working with the organist need to contact the church organist for rehearsal times and other pertinent information the organist may need.
Photographs & video recordings are allowed at the wedding ceremony.  Flash photographs may be taken prior to and following the wedding service.  Flash photographs may also be used during the processional and recessional.  All other times during the service flash photography is not permitted.
Stationary video recording is acceptable.  The person who operates the video equipment should check with the pastor relative to positioning.
A wedding rehearsal is important and should be arranged at the time of the first meeting with the pastor.  All principals of the wedding should be present... these include the bride and groom, parents of bride and groom (if desired or needed) best man and maid/matron of honor, bridesmaids, groomsmen, and ushers.
Use of Church ----------$350.00
Organist ------------------$ 200.00
Pastor ---------------------$Donation
Custodian ----------------$50.00
Use of church fee is waived for those persons who are members of the congregation and have a record of active participation for one year.
Includes meeting with Bride/Groom, wedding, rehearsal, one rehearsal with soloist
Donations for Patstor's services are customary and appreciated